Anal Designs Vol. 7

Man, oh, guy! Speak about volcanic porn! Some of the most gorgeous, attractive, fuckable ladies in XXX seemobtaining critically slammed in their sphincters — in this fortunate seventh volume of “Anal Models” from, including the constantly stupend-ass Gina Valentina, Euro sensation Charlie Red and scrumptious smut morsels blonde Lexi Lore and brunette Brooklyn Gray.

Directed by Julia Grandi, the initial episode was definitely filmed someplace in Europe (perhaps Ibiza), with 24-yearoutdated, redheaded (consequently her title) Czech doll Charlie Red displaying what an amazing gal she is. We initial see her in a bar, obtaining shitfaced, prior to, in front of her bespectacled male bartender, Red gradually pulls a lil’ steel butt-plug outta her purse and commences coquettishly, seductively stirring her drink with the sex gadget, which she sooner or later inserts up her ass beneath her dress, basically letting the lucky fella know exactly what she has in thoughts … for her behind. And (surprise, surprise) we up coming see the two pervs at her location, obtaining down and (way!) dirty. Red understands how to devour a dick with her mouth, that is for confident — and her cunt and asshole, too, as we soon see!

Following Red offers a loving bj, the couple fuck standing missionary type on an indoor staircase a horny place which magnificently spotlights Red’s killer butt. They then move to a sofa, in which ‘Jerr’ eats her twat, with the exact same butt-plug up her ass, prior to he pulls out the thing, gets Red on her hands and knees on the sofa and sticks his prick proper up her butt. Wow! She’s a moaner! Then it’s reverse-cowgirl and cowgirl-anal, respectively, with Red seeking superb in any place in which you place the fetching fox. I truly liked cowgirl-anal, however, seeing as you get a full view of her fine fanny, even though the second time round of doggie-anal is eye-opening/dick-bursting, just prior to Jerr pops his nut in her mouth … and nostrils. Romantic!

In the up coming episode, directed by Laurent Sky, the tantalizing Lexi Lore (21, from Richmond, VA) is trying to keep a occupation as a self-proclaimed nymphomaniac, here playing a whorish “legal aid” who likes to consider it up the ass even from Mick Blue, playing an “environmental attorney,” who truly stretches Lexi’s butthole. And, boy, is Lex 1 really beautiful small blonde. Umphhh! One particular of my faves in porn. So cute, too. Anyhow, when her boss (Mick) is possessing a phone conversation outdoors in the workplace hallway, she requires his laptop and sees that he’s been seeking at sex-toy web sites. Then, when a bundle soon arrives at the workplace, Lex insists that she open it — and in front of him! — pulling out some butt-plugs and vibrators (“They are for my wife,” perv Micky confesses), which truly primes the two of ‘em up, the randy pair right away obtaining it on towards a glass-topped workplace table. Lex offers up 1 of the movie’s greatest encounter-fucks, seeking as if her head is about to explode like a Scanner on several occasions. Whew! They insert plenty of toys up her cunt and ass, too, stretching out each orifices, prior to Mick sticks prick up her ass doggie type. Phenomenal. “You like how my small ass feels,” she purrs to Mr. Ass Grabber himself, prior to she sooner or later, ever-so-sluttily adds, “Yeah, I wanna taste my ass,” and licks herself off his dick. Yeowza!

We then move to Blue’s workplace bedroom (have to be great to have 1 o’ these, eh?), in which they truly go nutso. Reverse-cowgirl anal is terrific, specifically with these brilliant gapes from Lex. Doggie-anal with much more asshole dilations (“Yeah! Appear at that gape!” Lex groans, even though I don’t know how she sees it, but I really like hearing her say it!) is even better. Missionary-anal lets you totally savor these meaty Lore thighs, as effectively as supplying some amazing eye get in touch with with this nympho’s arsehole-for-the-second, including some much more ever-so-darling anal winkings, i.e., gape-a-roos. Micky sooner or later explodes ball batter all in excess of her fairly encounter. “I hope when you’re fucking your wife tomorrow,” she filthily tells him, even though scooping the sperm off her mug and eating it, “that you’re thinking about my ass gaping.” What a whore. Love her!

Up coming, in yet another sequence directed by Laurent Sky, we get 1 of my all-time favored porn starlets, DVD cover model Gina Valentina (23, from Brazil, even though raised here in the States), playing a somewhat stressed-out pupilfairly encounter, fantastic small tits, gorgeous ass and all — releasing a small tension by viewing an anal-themed porn movie on her laptop, on her bed, even though sooner or later shoving a lil’ black butt-plug in and out of her ass, inevitably drawing her fortunate boyfriend’s consideration (the goober earlier had his eyes glued to the Television set), with the dude (understandably with an ultra-fox like Geen) “rising” to the event and sooner or later/critically fucking her mouth and dick-sinkin’ her twat and tukus-hole.

And there’s just in no way a bad place/second with Gina. I truly really like seeing her bent in excess of and possessing her asshole worshipped even though it’s also a blast witnessing her lick balls and suck (rather than choke on) dick, prior to she performs some way-horny cowgirl-vadge. Such a perfect ass on this devastatingly desirable wench. Then, we’re treated to Geen’s succulent cunt in our encounter, as effectively as her meaty thighs, as she’s butt-banged via reverse-cowgirl. We get a perfect shot of her flawlessly cute encounter, too, with our lady sooner or later screaming in anal ecstasy. Then it’s spoon-anal and (a true movie highlight!) doggie anal, with an amazing shot of Valentina’s luscious thighs, butt cheeks and vagina (all luscious!), as effectively as magnificent close-ups of excellent gapes, with Geen’s eyes disappearing into her head from currently being so turned on. Quickly it’s missionary-anal, treating us to otherworldly eye get in touch with from this super fine fox — and much more incredible close-ups of the in-and-out asshole shenanigans. Verify out these incredible tits, too! And wait until you witness the copious quantities of cum our bedroom lothario deposits all in excess of Geen darling’s hair, forehead, eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, tongue and chin. Damn, dude! You didn’t miss a spot! It does not get better with a perfect butt-fuck tart like Miss Valentina!

And we end on an apocalyptic note, indeed, in a scene directed by Derek Dozer, as the really fine Brooklyn Gray (21) admits to currently being sex-obsessed herself (like Lexi Lore) in her own voice-in excess of narration and that it’s greatest for her to have a “fuck buddy,” with Brook “taking the notion to a total new level” by possessing several fuck close friends alternatively of just 1 (sorry, it’s not a gangbang) our outrageously attractive lady soon obtaining a bulbous black vibe up the ass, in her digs, from her taste for the day, in the form of a relatively grizzled-seeking Markus Dupree. “It can make my asshole really feel so full,” Brook coos. What amazing expressions from Gray as she leans back in a comfy seeking sofa-like chair. Hell, just her appears of arousal alone are sufficient to get you off. Markus then puts a extended, snake-seeking, jelly-like dildo up her ass. Wow, lady! Then it’s the real thing, with Dupree-dick initial inserted up her twat Markus banging her missionary type in stated chair, prior to he pours oil all in excess of his dick and gradually sticks it up her asshole, going from zero to 60 in seconds, heatedly pumping that prick the oil hornily dripping down Brook’s butt cheeks. This lady is so cute and attractive … lawdy! Magnificent eye get in touch with, too, from her — and non-end, at that!

“I wanna really feel each and every inch of you in my asshole,” she purrs. “Please, great and deep. Each and every inch, please, please, please… I’m asking nicely.” Whoa. What a whore. Wanna marry her! Doggie-anal is out-fucking-standing. Verify out these pretty gapes, too. Mama! Up coming, it’s reverse-cowgirl anal, with much more outstanding dilated-anus segments (watch her boobies undulate, too, as Markus turns her into a effectively-pounded human anal pretzel). Then it’s cowgirl-anal with Brookie’s booty all greased up, and when she squats on his dick with her effectively-oiled tukus, it’s sufficient to get you off right away. But hold off, as we, fortunately, get a return to doggie-anal with this really incredible buttfuck slut Markus sooner or later erupting splatter matter all in excess of her hair and face… including her left (pow!) eyeball. Wonderful. Love ya, Brook!

From commence to finish, “Anal Versions 7” is practically nothing short of amazing, with each and each and every ass-fuck princess doing just as filthily as the other 3. Topnotch porn!